Smoked Salmon, Watercress and Horseradish Pasta

Serve 2
Ready in 15minutes

A quick and easy pasta dish for two. With smoked salmon, watercress and horseradish sauce this recipe is both filling and tasty. We’ve used linguine but spaghetti would work just as well. A fast midweek meal – on the table in less than half an hour


  • Linguine 200g
  • Refine Seafood smoked salmon flakes 200g
  • Lemon 1, zested and juiced
  • Watercress 4 handfuls, roughly chopped
  • Horseradish sauce 2 tbsp
  • Half-fat crème fraîche 2 tbsp


  1. Cook the linguine following the packet instructions. Drain and then tip into a bowl with the rest of the ingredients. Toss together and season heavily with black pepper.

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